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Hispanic vs. Latino … and beyond

I feel rather out-of-my-element for the first time since I started this project. I realize how little I know and how much I have to learn. All of this is good – especially the part about me feelingout-of-my-element. 

Take the usage of Latino vs. Hispanic for example. I always try to be aware of how I use the two terms. When I’m not entirely sure, I try to see what others are using; I follow suit. When in doubt, I pick one. I know the terms are not interchangeable, but sometimes I interchange them. I know that people have preferences, but I don’t always ask. Other times I do, or I wait for someone to correct me. But this doesn’t always happen, and I can’t expect it to.

This is what I already know. I am white, but I’m also female, part English, a writer, a New Englander, part Czechoslovakian, and American. It’s easy for me to say that, because I am sure.

However, what I want to know is what it’s like to not be sure. 

I will expand on this later.

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