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Budgets and High-Risk

Just doing a little updating on education funding in the state of Colorado and asking myself a few questions.


  • K-12 education funding[across the state] will be cut this year by $430 million
  • Adams 50 [the district that includes Hidden Lake High School] is expected to lose $7 million [10 percent cut]
  • These cuts are partly because of revisions to The School Finance Act, which passed in Spring 2010. 
  • A high-risk student is now defined as a “migrant child, a homeless child, and a child with a documented history of serious psychiatric or behavioral disorders.”
  • 95 percent of a school’s student body has to be high-risk or on an individual education plan for the school to be considered “alternative”


What I don’t know right now, is how HB10-1369 affects Hidden Lake and other alternative schools?  Hidden Lake doesn’t appear on HB10-1369’s evaluation of funding estimates of FY 2009-10 compared to FY 2010-11.

And, do at-risk students cost the state more money? Alternative schools generally have smaller class sizes and more one-on-one attention with students.
More to come. Going to get my hair cut.

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